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Something a bit different

We've combined our years of language teaching expertise and tech know-how to produce dynamic and interactive online lessons you will love. Pairwork, whole class discussions, grammar and vocab, error correction, exam practice, videos - our virtual classrooms have it all!
Online Lessons

Meet your teacher

Oxford graduate and Cambridge examiner James Blore has been teaching English in Slovakia for over 20 years. With his fun-filled approach, he's helped hundreds of people to perfect their English and achieve their professional and personal ambitions. Come and join him online today!
James Blore

Communication is King

You'll learn plenty in our lessons, but the main focus is always on using language to communicate your ideas.

Cozy Classes

With only four to eight people in each group , you'll have plenty of space to express yourself.

A Modern Platform

We use the excellent Discord text- and video-chat platform to create our virtual classrooms.

Reasonable Prices

Group lessons start at just €7.50 for 60 minutes. Smaller groups and individual lessons by arrangement.


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