IMPORTANT This is a provisional timetable, with my best guesses as to what will be useful. Days and times could change, and I may add or cancel courses according to levels of interest. When you sign up for a course, you will receive an automatic confirmation email, and then I will send you updates if anything changes. If you have any questions or restrictions on days/times that I should know about, please use the new Your Message section of the sign-up form.

C1-16Face-to-FaceMondays and Wednesdays16:00-17:2022 x 80 minutes€240
Teen B2Face-to-FaceMondays17:30-18:5011 x 80 minutes€130
B2 ConversationFace-to-FaceWednesdays17:30-18:5011 x 80 minutes€130
C1-19Face-to-FaceMondays and Wednesdays19:00-20:2022 x 80 minutes€240
A1-OnlineOnlineTuesdays and Fridays16:00-17:0022 x 60 minutes€180
C1-OnlineOnlineTuesdays and Fridays17:10-18:3022 x 80 minutes€240
B1/B2-OnlineOnlineTuesdays and Fridays18:40-20:0022 x 80 minutes€240
BlorkoFace-to-FaceThursdays16:30-17:2011 x 50 minutes€120
Advanced ConversationFace-to-FaceThursdays17:30-18:5011 x 80 minutes€130
C1XFace-to-FaceThursdays19:00-20:209 x 80 minutes€130

Dni a časy sa môžu zmeniť, a je to možné, že pridáme alebo zrušíme kurzy, podľa záujmu. ‚tbc‘ = ‚to be confirmed‘ (ešte potvrdíme).